About Us
RS COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is a name associated with quality education. We are running different courses like D.El.Ed, B.A., B.Sc Courses that are imparted with the aim of empowering young minds and giving them an edge in a competitive professional environment. Our expertise lies in using a perfect combination of conventional and unconventional teaching methods to form a base for the students that nourishes their mind and facilitates their thinking process. We are an educational institute located in Ghaziabad, which is slowly emerging as an educational hub.
Education and Training Methodology

Or Puspose is to conduct different kinds of trainings programmers to improve the quality of basic education and create a desirable environment within the district in regard to enroll more and more children of school going age and pave the way for retention of those who are admitted in the school and to ensure the high literacy percentage of male and female as whole.Our approach is to combine academic abilities, personal development and practical skills to prepare a new breed of matured professionals. The courses at RS College of Education involve an integrated learning approach creating a unique synergy between theory and practice. The training is interspersed with periodic evaluation, projects, seminars, workshops and presentations to enhance understanding of the topics covered.

We assure you that during the period of your study in this College, it will be our endeavor to provide you all the opportunities and facilities of learning to groom you to become self confident in realizing your future goals in life.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to build a better future for Fatehpur by providing exceptional leadership, advocacy and support for the college community. These efforts will foster access, success and lifelong learning for all students while simultaneously advancing the state’s interests in a skilled workforce and an educated citizenry.

Resources and Infrastructure
The college also aims at inculcating the secular national outlook enriched by the inspiration taken from Indian culture and tradition of Indian Society. The College has well qualified, professionally competent and highly motivated human resource. It includes University approved dedicated core teachers and visiting faculty of practicing professionals. The College provides a professional working environment and perfect ergonomic conditions. Classroom and Laboratories are equipped with the latest teaching aids and the state-of-the-art machines. The atmosphere of the college inculcates in the students the essential ingredients of moral education that makes them good learners, good persons, good workers and good citizens.