In addition to academic excellence, participation in co-curricular activities is compulsory as listed below :
  Academic Activities -
Literary writing, debating, production of college magazine, quiz competition, seminar-reading, projects writing.
  Cultural Activities -
Dramatics, celebration of religious and national festivals, organizing educational tours, group discussion, exhibition.
  Physical Activities -
Games, sports, mass-drill etc.
  Campus Code of Conduct -

1.   It is however recommended that the students should attend all the lectures, complete all assignments in time and appear in all session-examinations

2.   There is a prescribed dress code for winter and summer. This nurtures feeling of quality and fraternity among the students. The students are required to follow the dress code on all working days and national festivals except Saturdays
3.   In case of any difficulty the students should contact the Director or the Principal or the Administrative Officer only. No other employee of the college should be contacted unless the student is asked to do so by the above mentioned officials of the college
  Campus Discipline
The students invite discipline action if found :
1.   Violating campus code of conduct.
2.   Misbehaving with the college staff or their own fellow students.
3.   Making or passing derogatory remarks on communal or religious lines
4.   Indulging deliberate tarnishing the college image or damaging its property