Special Features :-
The computer dome is ably supported with 10 fully equipped computer labs having state-of-the-art computing resources providing one-to-one access to students.

The dome is ably powered with latest software applications on engineering, medicine, hospitality, architecture and information technology.

The computer centre is centrally air-conditioned and is backed up by high caliber UPS to ensure uninterrupted operations.

The computer dome has more than 1000 latest P IV computers. The computer dome has dedicated broadband Internet connectivity using RF link services for round the clock operations.

Moreover, the computer centre is upgraded from time to time to ensure that the facilities remain at par with the latest. The computer centres are geared to provide a specialist environment for the student to accomplish their assigned task.

RS College is a place where students can use Internet Services, Printer Services, CDs on various courses; and can prepare their Seminar presentations. The Centre has multiple nodes, Computer with high configuration, printers, scanners and CD writers to serve the students effectively.

As technology become more  sophisticated and complex employers demand a higher level of skill and expertise apart from academics. Suited to the need of the student we have well air-conditioned labs  where the student  have access to study and enhance their skills  in information  technology.

Internet is unleashed with BSNL (2 Mbps) and Reliance (10 Mbps) Leased Line on OFC for 24 Hours Internet Connectivity & Interactive Video-conferencing. Hi-tech accessories like LCD projector, DVD/CD Server/writer, Video-conferencing Systems, CCTV Camera, Color Flat Bed Scanner, High Speed Color Printer/All-in-One and Web Camera etc are part of the Computer Centre which enables students to learn while sharpening their skills on latest technologies.